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delicious, so sweet and so cold

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EDIT: I've mainly made the switch to tumblr. Slowly going through this and making everything but the fic posts private or friends only. If you're looking for something and can't find it drop me a PM.

In which I post fanfic, fanart, and general ramblings about my life, the universe, and everything. Sorry that everything's not exactly tagged; I've had this puppy for several years now and with thousands of posts its difficult to backtag everything. My memories are pretty much updated with my fandom stuff, though (the exception being my LOTR-related stuff), including fic, art, and recs. My Fanart Central account has the most thorough collection of my fanart. Eventually I will make a giant archive post, I swear.

The art featured in the background of my journal is by A.V. Phibes, though I photoshopped it slightly to remove the mask featured in the original. The rest of her work can be found at http://www.avphibes.com/.